We are making starting and growing Business in Africa easier

We believe that entrepreneurship will solve Africa’s unemployment and under-employment challenges. With support, modern skills and mentorship African entrepreneurs can build successful businessess

What is Crowdinfund?

Crowdinfund is a start-up support and early stage business funding initiative. We team up  to solve challenges African entrepreneurs  and businesses face.

Why Crowdinfund?

We understand how difficult it can be to start or grow a business in Africa. Funds/investments are scarce and the process of securing them is complex. Access to mentors and the right business skills are among the many challenges entrepreneurs in Africa face. Let’s team up to solve this!

Our Goal

We are giving African entrepreneurs the opportunity to team up  to crowd source funds and resources from their network. We are “Crowding-in” entrepreneurs who are “Crowded-out”.

Our Mission

To build an ecosystem for the teeming youth population to have access to endless opportunities in Africa and beyond and to be able to participate in the growth process of the African Economy; the period Crowdinfund becomes a household name, is the time to know that we are almost achieving this mission.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of people who believe that with support, modern skills and mentoring, African entrepreneurs can build successful businesses. Entrepreneurship can solve Africa’s unemployment and under-employment challenges. 

What we are doing

We team up to source funds and businesses solutions. We are creating a network of diverse business people to source business solutions, business skills  and resources. We are building a platform to enable entrepreneurs  crowd source skills and funds.

Have business skills to share?
You are welcome to Speak at our Crowdin Meetups