Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CrowdinFund?

Crowdinfund is a start-up support and early stage business funding initiative. We team up to solve challenges African entrepreneurs and businesses face.


Why Crowdinfund?

Starting businesses in Africa is tough. Funds/investments are scarce and the process of securing them is complex. Access to mentors and the right business skills are among the many challenges entrepreneurs in Africa face. We say these entrepreneurs are “crowded-out”. Crowdinfund exits to make the process of building and growing businesses easier for young entrepreneurs. We are “Crowding-in” entrepreneurs who are “Crowded-out”.  


How does Crowdinfund work?

We work through teamwork.  We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals. We give African entrepreneurs the opportunity to team up to source expertise, skills and funds from our network of members.  Our members have access to business skills and resources within the Crowdinfund Community. Crowdinfund provides a platform to start business, share and learn from entrepreneurs and professionals. Read more by clicking here


Do you fund businesses?

We provide an avenue for entrepreneurs to self finance businesses. Simply put, we team up to fund businesses. Team up Start-up,  is a Crowdinfund programme to help entrepreneurs crowd-source funds and skills.  We not only provide a platform to finance businesses but also assist teams build their business model, identity skills and resources needed to succeed. Read more by clicking here.
This programme is inspired by our team’s own business journey.



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Updated: 1st May, 2017