We work as a Team

Teamwork. Our focus is supporting early stage businesses to start-up. We work 


  1. Team up start up
  2. Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network
  3. Start up and Growth Programmes
  4. Mentor linkage programs


1. Team up start up

We team up to fund businesses. The goal of our Team Up Start-Up module is entrepreneur collaboration to build and grow businesses. We provide an avenue for entrepreneurs with complementary skills to team up and start up. We invite business project proposals from teams for evaluation. Once proposals meets criteria, we open a funding window to raise funds for the business. Everyone is given the opportunity to back/fund team businesses. 


2. Start up and Growth Programmes

Start Up Programmes

We are running a complete startup course curated from professionals and entrepreneurs from Africa. Our course is centered on doing business in Africa, jargon free and practical. Whiles searching for good start-up resources for prospective entrepreneurs, we realized the content of most resources currently available are generalized and although good they don’t fit the ethos of the African market. This has motivated us to build a more tailored resource that fits Starting business in Africa for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Growth Programmes

Starting a business is one hurdle yet scaling and growing your business successfully is another. Good news is many entrepreneurs have successfully grown business in Africa. Our growth courses will be crafted in partnership with successful entrepreneurs. You will learn using practical case studies from entrepreneurs who innovated solution to business challenges in Africa.


3. Entrepreneur and Professional Network

We are creating a diverse network of entrepreneurs and professionals passionate about sharing business solutions; we want you to be part of this. We are building a platform to enable entrepreneurs network, learn and improve. Entrepreneurs and professionals also have the opportunity to  share their expertise and businesses solutions with startups and early stage businesses.


4. Mentor linkage programs

Mentors can change everything. Experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs can offer you great value and council. You can learn much from mentors with experience in building successful businesses. At Crowdinfund we strive to link entrepreneurs to mentors. 



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