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Graduates who come out from various institutions are in excess of tens of thousands every year. The hope of every graduate is to see a smooth transition from schooling to jobs. Won’t this be great if we are truly presented with this privilege? The true picture is that the job sector is not ready to absorb all graduates; only few with profound connections and maybe those with rare talents are favored or few lucky ones.


Therefore there is a consistent pool of qualified individuals looking for jobs. You may consider this pool as a balloon being inflated with new graduates and existing unemployed individuals every year. This pool is making it possible for 3,000 graduates to apply for only 5 positions. It’s also facilitating many Ponzi schemes in every corner in the country. Some smart guys are capitalizing on the situation and cashing in on many people through fanthom recruitment agencies. Beware! 

This is not to scare you but to revive the consciousness that the job market is very competitive. In 2010 alone, out of the more than 27,000 graduates who completed, less than 10%  were employed and the remaining fed into the existing unemployed labor force ( speech delivered by Emmanuel Dei Tumi on National Youth Employment policy)


Our national service program only moderates unemployment for one year and seen as the preparatory stage for graduates entering the reality zone. Oh, have you heard of the National Service Extention? You cannot rely on the Program for employment. Start exploiting opportunities now!

National service is the place to make many wise decisions with your two scarce resources: time and money. Failure to optimize any of these would shroud most opportunities you stand to get. First make as many good friends as possible. Second is to do your best in everything; you never know who might be watching. Third is to save and invest despite your meager disposable income.

My last recommendation which is one sure way to optimize your time and money is to join an entrepreneurship network whiles offering your service. By so doing you are creating businesses outside your service time; something to fall on when your service is over and you are looking for your dream job.
Entrepreneurship networks are ambitious in creating jobs and solving social and economic problems. There are a number of these networks with new one emerging every single day. Find them and start volunteering as soon as possible. One emerging organization is CROWDINFUND.


Crowdinfund connects budding entrepreneurs together on a platform. Individuals are teamed up and made to work using online platforms like Wrike and focused whatsapp group. Our goal is to fund startups through collective efforts. The networking privileges, workshops and training and self-employment in the process are reassuring. Join Crowdinfund and start small Businesses with People! Very simple and no stress but be ready to embrace discippline!

National service program doesn’t employ you, it only equips you. Start preparing for the road ahead through every possible means! Start with Crowdinfund and Go with People!

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