It’s important to find a good job after school and gradually recoup every cost incurred on education. Sometimes, when you happen to be the ‘Opanyin’ (elderly) among your siblings, the expectations after school are even high because the younger ones are waiting for a cool percentage of your salary. Most students in Africa are a kind of insurance policy; your certificate is actually the policy.

But the issue is that we don’t have any automatic adjustment machine that produces jobs according to the students that graduate from school. Getting employment after school is another kind of school on its own. Some universities are assisting their students find jobs quickly through a course called job search techniques. Raise your hand if you are familiar with this course!


In 2010 only less than 10% of the over 27,000 graduates from public schools only had jobs. The rest fed into the existing unemployed labor force. If you can do your calculation well, you would understand that unemployment is escalating every year and the recent statistics that, about 48% of the youth are unemployed is non-negotiable. On average it takes about two years for a serious job searcher to get job assuming his connection techniques (whom you know or who knows you) are weak. This is long a waiting period!

The question is during this waiting period, what do you do? Or put differently how do you manage the transition?  Seek attachment somewhere, join parents with their works, join unemployment associations etc. what you do is very important and plays a role in you finding a job. For instance seeking an industrial attachment improves your skill and builds your confidence to face interviews and others.  But the problem is how many companies are willing to offer you this opportunity?

For me I managed my transition as a voluntary sales executive for an insurance company. That was a good experience because the Mondays motivation alone when quantified is more than the commission some people receive. You need tenacity and hard work to sell insurance is Ghana. People who sell insurance are really great marketers, I can defend it anytime.  In the process, I learnt something important; the epiphany was reached when I asked myself…..If I can market insurance like Robert Kiyosaki on network marketing, why can’t I market my own product?

The next question came as:  what do I sell and how do I start mobilizing funds for this business? Well I joined two friends and we established a business. We went into IT, SMEs consultancy and Barbering Services. I think you are wondering how we did it. Well, we were determined and secondly we knew few people who painstakingly lent us money.  We also borrowed money from a Money Lending institution who gave us the crocodile service (biting and smiling at the same time). As a start up with this pressure, you can only rob Peter to pay Paul!


So you see some transitional management can actually lead to building your own business and managing it like you are employed. The regret was that we didn’t start early because we thought the unemployment situation would be for a short while; after all why should I remain unemployed after all my hard work and impressive GPA. Ah what a delusion of grandeur!

Now it seems I have been called to the bench of motivational speakers and I can also say  with a big gut that unemployment is limitation of the mind and not an economic limitation to create jobs. There are so many things to be done in Ghana; the opportunities are endless.  In the village you should look for a rich land (farming or galamsey all need rich lands) but in the cities you should look for opportunities; and that is what others are busily doing!

When you are willing to delay gratification small and venture into anything that interests you, you can manage the transition whiles looking for your dream job. We had it quiet tough as a team because there was no institutional arrangements for our team to raise easy capital. Well you may be thinking of YES Fund; it window was closed on funding. YES is also very competitive.   But for your team, you can go through establishing your own venture smoothly probably with two or three people even without any capital at sight. Crowdinfund is making this possible today!


If you can form a team with a minimum number of three and would be determined to build a small business I encourage you to join Crowdinfund.  Crowdinfund is an Association of entrepreneurs who are assisting each other with equity funds to start small businesses. We encourage you to search for your job but also be determined to start something now! The funding barrier is removed!

We assist in establishing your small business through funding free SME consultancy, IT and proposals. This is a network of really good people. How are you managing your transition?

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